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Allegheny Knotweed Sampler Set


Fall honey flow in Western PA is often kicked off with the blooming of two species of the beautiful yet notoriously invasive "knotweed" (Fallopia japonica and Fallopia sachalinensis) which grows profusely along rivers and streams. Much of our knotweed is produced by our hives located near The Allegheny River.

Dark amber knotweed honey is earthy and rich, similar to maple syrup. It pairs equally well with both sweet and savory foods. The range of flavors in this sample set have inspired many of adventures with cheese!

Price: $27.00

sampler set includes:

-4 oz raw Allegheny Knotweed honey

-4 oz infused Knotweed Rosemary honey

-4 oz infused Chipotle Citrus Chili honey